A Peek Into Our Day

Our Day Begins

Centre Time: 

The day begins with free play through different centres where children practice their fine motor skills with activities such as puzzles,  lacing, creative art, dress-up, and imaginative play.  Learning through play gives children a sense of purpose in the classroom.


Circle Time:

A time to share and talk together provides a sense of community for the children.  We begin with prayer for our day and for any children absent.  We discuss our theme of the week and current learning projects.  This is a time of contribution from the children and a chance to strengthen our communication and listening skills.



We wash our hands and then use letter recognition for the children to find their placemats at the table. A healthy snack from home is enjoyed while the children practice their socialization skills.  We wash our hands again and put our snack bags away.


Music and Rhyme:

Through music and rhyme children learn sounds, words, and patterns that develop listening and social skills.  The finger movements that accompany rhymes and dancing aid in development and stimulating connections in growing brains.



Provides a place for children to work on their gross motor skills with balls, hoops, hopping, sliding, scootering, and balance beams.  This increases their spatial awareness and coordination. It also allows them to develop their communication and listening skills as they interact together.


Story Time:

Being read aloud to has so many benefits for children. It models fluent reading, expands vocabulary, builds awareness and empathy, and improves kids' long term reading success.  When we share a story together, we learn new ideas and open up a discussion together.


Closing Circle:

We say goodbye and close the day in a prayer.