Westview Education Society's (WES) Rise and Shine Preschool approaches schooling from a Christian perspective where every child and family is treasured, respected, and valued.  For young children, preschool is a fun and exciting place where they meet new friends and have the opportunity to engage in a wealth of interactive experiences. They are members of a community where their name is known by their peers and they are valued and respected as individuals.  We include prayer, the Christmas and Easter story, and other stories from the Christian faith throughout our classes.  We also have the deepest respect for cultural diversity and the positive relationships that can be created.

At WES' Rise and Shine Preschool we believe that a safe and secure learning environment is the foundation for growth and development.  When children feel valued, safe and secure, they will have the courage and confidence to explore the environment and learning centres around them.  As they explore, investigate, and discover, children and staff become co-partners in learning and discovery. 

We incorporate both teacher led and child led times.  These together times are fun, silly, creative, and full of direction and contributions from the children.  Circle times also encourage a strong sense of community where we learn one another’s names and strengthen our skills of communicating and listening to others.

Child led times are a central part of our preschool class as children direct their own learning through play and exploration.  As children joyfully engage and interact with the environment, all developmental areas – social, emotional, intellectual, and physical - are met through creativity and discovery.  Our learning areas encourage children to become scientists, astronauts, archaeologists, dentists, doctors, construction workers, truck drivers, hair stylists, managers, moms, dads, dogs, cats, musicians, artists, teachers, etc. as children put every part of themselves into creative play.  Learning through play and child led times give children a sense of purpose in the classroom.

We see the learning environment as another teacher and the stage for learning through play.  Our learning environment is thoughtfully designed and created to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in children.  Colours, objects, natural elements, and creative spaces are all designed to inspire a love of discovery and exploration in children while providing opportunities to expand all developmental areas.

WES' Rise and Shine Preschool approaches learning from a holistic approach and recognizes that learning is not limited to ABC’s and 123’s.  Our qualified staff thoughtfully considers how to nurture development in all areas according to the needs, interests and abilities of each child.  Our learning environment is carefully created to support growth in social, emotional, physical, and intellectual areas.