Intellectual development is supported through the inclusion of language expanding stories and songs, pre-reading, math and science activities.  We also include project work, an in-depth investigation of a topic, into our learning through play environment.  Children have a natural curiosity and an eagerness to discover and explore.  Project work builds on that innate curiosity and encourages children to question, problem solve, explore, reflect, and communicate.

- To develop language and communication skills through songs, literature, finger plays, conversation, and questioning
- To develop skills regarding classification, measurement, size, weight, observation, numbers, shapes, colours, and letters
- To inspire curiosity about topics that are significant to preschool children and to develop the skills to problem solve, question, research, discover, and reflect.


Physical development is also a core part of our preschool program.  Our facilities feature a full gym with balls, hoops, scooters, a balance beam, and room to run, skip, gallop, wiggle, and play games with friends!  Fine motor development is supported through manipulative materials such as puzzles, lacing, beading, creative arts, some pre-printing exercises, and putting on dress up clothes to name a few. 

- To strengthen gross motor skills such as running, jumping, and catching through games and activities
- To strengthen fine motor skills through the skills of gluing, cutting, drawing, colouring, creating, sewing, pouring, and zipping up clothing.

Our school’s safe and supportive environment nurtures social and emotional development by supporting self-esteem and confidence.  When children feel safe and secure they recognize that they are a valued member of the class community and can make friends.  Staff gently and age -appropriately guide children to play, create, and cooperate together.

- To support a positive self-image and an understanding that each child is special and respected
- To support the making of friends and respecting others in the class community
- To guide conflict resolution and support collaboration and cooperation
- To support the skills of emotional regulation and expressing emotion appropriately in a group setting