Who We Are:

Rise and Shine Preschool is a Christian preschool located in the North West community of Ranchlands in Calgary.  Rise and Shine Preschool has been operating for over 30 years and we are very proud of our program.
We are a licensed Preschool by Alberta Childcare Licensing, which means we follow all Safety, Fire, and Health requirements set out by the government.

What We Believe:

We approach schooling from a Christian perspective where every child and family is treasured, respected, and valued.  When children feel valued, safe, and secure, they will have the courage and confidence to explore the environment and learning centres around them.  We include prayer, the Christmas story, the Easter story, and other stories from the Christian faith throughout our class.

Each day includes both teacher led and student led times. Our teacher led experiences include circle time where we read stories, engage in music and movement, learn about others, and talk about our current theme together.

Child led times are a central part of our preschool class as children direct their own learning through play and exploration.  As children joyfully engage and interact with the environment, all developmental areas - social, emotional, intellectual, and physical - are met through creativity and discovery.

Rise and Shine Preschool approaches learning from a holistic approach and recognize that learning is not limited to ABC's and 123's.  Our qualified staff thoughtfully consider how to nurture development in all areas according to the needs, interests, and abilities of each child. Our learning environment is carefully created to support growth in social, emotional, physical, and intellectual areas.

What We Offer:

Classes for 3 year olds:

         Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9:00-11:15

         Tuition is $175/month, $100 after $75 Government Affordability Grant

         Child must be 3 by Nov. 1st of that year

Classes for 4 year olds:

         Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 9:00 - 11:30

         Tuition is $215/month, $140 after Government Affordability Grant

         Child must be 4 by Dec. 31st of that year


We also have access to an early childhood intervention service provider for Speech, Behavioral, and Occupational Therapy.  The children who qualify will receive extra support funded by the government to help them reach their full potential while working within their individual needs.

Our Staff:

Our Teacher, Dawn Worobets, is a qualified Early Childhood Educator and has a Child Development Supervisor Certificate.  She also has a degree specializing in Elementary Education with a focus on literacy and language development.

Our Teacher's Aide, Angela Davidson, is a qualified Early Childhood Educator and has a Child Development Supervisor Certificate.  She also has a degree in Elementary Education.

Our teachers attend education seminars and conferences to continue their education and to bring new ideas to the classroom.  


What Our Families Have to Say:

Rise and Shine is a cheerful place.  My child is always excited for preschool.  He comes home talking about biblical topics and questions.  The teachers are very kind and amazing with children. 


Amazing and very professional teachers.  My daughter loves this preschool.  100% recommend this lovely place for children.

Kasia S.

Great teachers, bright classroom.  My kid loves going to school every time.


Our daughter loved Rise and Shine Preschool.  She liked to go to school every day as they have different things to learn.  Specially, she loved the mystery bag activity.  She has learned a lot and we can see the difference in her.  Also, teachers and staff are very helpful and they have welcomed our daughter.  Thank you for everything.

We knew our children were always in great hand at Rise and Shine.  The classroom is truly a loving and fun learning environment.

Laura B.